December 30, 2008

Resolutions that aren't mine are pointless.

New Year's Eve (and New Year's Day, for that matter) is one of the stupidest faux-holidays there is, and there are a lot of them. The slow, steady, unending plod of time is hardly cause for celebration. January is a cold, boring month, but with the creation of New Year's, we have somehow injected meaning into it. Like most holidays, there are things you're supposed to eat (doughnuts, apparently), things you're supposed to watch (large objects descending from the sky), and things you're supposed to pretend aren't creepy when they really are (babies in sashes). But the weirdest ritual of all of them is creating New Year's Resolutions. Why would I be more willing to lose weight/change my life/repent for my sins in January than in any other month? Just because it's the beginning of a brand new year, it's supposedly full of inspiration and potential. And if you want to accomplish something, why wait until January to do it? Why not start as soon as you get the idea? Creating resolutions for the new year is a pathetic, meaningless hobby that sets one up for failure, and no one should do it.

Well, except me, of course.

Keeping up with a blog is my resolution. Like all other resolutions, it is pathetic, meaningless, and failure-setting-up. Unlike all other resolutions, I acknowledge this. I will probably get bored of this blog around, oh, January 7th or so. It says so right in the title. So when I do give up on this non-resolution, I won't feel guilty at all, and next year around the same time, I can start a whole 'nother one. In fact, this is my second blog. My other one, A Natural Selection, ended after about ten posts. This one will probably have the same fate, as will the next.

Much like the slow, steady, unending plod of time, it is a cycle that will never end.


  1. Honestly, what's wrong with New Years? You can think it's pointless, but many people enjoy it. What's wrong with celebrating the coming of a great new year? What's wrong with people wanting to be more kind or generous, or even just to lose weight? It's okay to be angry about bush or an anti-feminist book, but why do you have to denounce a holiday that's really just an excuse to party?

  2. Well, nothing really, I was being sarcastic. I mean, there's a bit of truth to it. It's not my favorite holiday. but i don't think it's a bad one. Most of the post is exaggeration; i have nothing against wanting to party.

  3. "why do you have to denounce a holiday that's really just an excuse to party?"

    Hahaha, that's great. It really is an excuse to party. I'm all for it.